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Dobrodošli na test engleskog jezika.

Choose the best word or phrase (a, b, c or d) to fill each blank.
Good luck!

a) areb) isc) amd) be

a) -b) hisc) himd) he

a) livingb) livec) livesd) is live

a) works Tomb) Tom worksc) Tom does workd) does Tom work

a) no likeb) not likec) like don’td) don’t like

a) Did you ever gob) Do you ever goc) Have you ever beend) Are you ever going

a) the most bigb) the biggerc) the biggestd) the more big

a) whob) whatc) whichd) whose

a) I never a newspaper buyb) I never buy a newspaperc) I buy never a newspaperd) Never I buy a newspaper

a) amb) go toc) going tod) am going to

a) haveb) hadc) would haved) was having

a) Would you likeb) Would you like toc) Do you liked) Do you like to

a) onb) inc) atd) by

a) amb) havec) have gotd) -

a) amb) doc) haved) got

a) carryb) wearc) used) hold

a) ideab) opinionc) answerd) time

a) ticketb) receiptc) invoiced) bill

a) itemsb) pairsc) setsd) times

a) tannedb) sunnedc) colouredd) darkened

a) to speakb) speakingc) speakd) speaks

a) forb) aboutc) ind) to

a) wearingb) to wearingc) weard) is wearing

a) was drivingb) drovec) had drivend) has been driving

a) could youb) can youc) if you couldd) if could you

a) sawb) had seenc) have seend) would have seen

a) do you have cutb) have you cut itc) do you have cut itd) do you have it cut

a) have workedb) workc) be workingd) to work

a) whichb) whoc) whosed) that

a) will you dob) are you doingc) will you have doned) do you do

a) littleb) a littlec) fewd) a few

a) is arrestedb) arrestedc) has been arrestedd) is being arrested

a) gob) bec) dod) get

a) playb) goc) dod) have

a) doesb) makesc) cooksd) takes

a) turn upb) turn inc) turn offd) turn over

a) cryingb) tearsc) criesd) tearful

a) reassuredb) informedc) insistedd) persuaded

a) lendb) owec) borrowd) rent

a) takingb) spendingc) havingd) doing

a) does liveb) livesc) does he lived) he lives

a) getb) ’ll getc) ’ll have gotd) ’m getting

a) wasb) would bec) wered) have been

a) did he gob) he did goc) went hed) he went

a) they won’tb) they hadn’tc) they didn’td) they weren’t

a) wasn’t eatingb) didn’t eatc) hadn’t eatend) hasn’t eaten

a) not studyingb) not to studyc) to not studyd) not have studied

a) will tellb) would have toldc) must have toldd) had told

a) neither they aren’tb) either they aren’tc) nor are theyd) neither did they be

a) were speakingb) would speakc) had spokend) spoke

a) don’t have to workb) didn’t have to workc) wouldn’t workd) wasn’t working

a) whateverb) wheneverc) whereverd) whoever

a) haveb) drinkc) mixd) make

a) watchb) look atc) seed) hear

a) legb) backc) handd) head

a) thoughtb) questionc) mindd) opinion

a) trespassingb) muggingc) speedingd) drunk driving

a) time-wastingb) time-consumingc) time-usingd) out of time

a) discussionb) speakingc) conversationd) talking

a) campaignsb) issuesc) boycottsd) strikes
Read the text below. For questions 61 to 66, choose the best answer (a, b, c or d).

Many hotel chains and tour operators say that they take their environmental commitments seriously, but often they do not respect their social and economic responsibilities to the local community. So is it possible for travellers to help improve the lives of locals and still have a good holiday?

The charity, Tourism Concern, thinks so. It has pioneered the concept of the fair-trade holiday. The philosophy behind fair-trade travel is to make sure that local people get a fair share of the income from tourism. The objectives are simple: employing local people wherever possible; offering fair wages and treatment; showing cultural respect; involving communities in deciding how tourism is developed; and making sure that visitors have minimal environmental impact.

Although there is currently no official fair-trade accreditation for holidays, the Association of Independent Tour Operators has worked hard to produce responsible tourism guidelines for its members. Some new companies, operated as much by principles as profits, offer a fantastic range of holidays for responsible and adventurous travellers.

a) is a tour operator.b) is a hotel.c) is a charity.d) his a chain of hotels.

a) Good pay for local people .b) Showing respect for local cultures.c) Saving tourists money.d) Protecting the local environment.

a) making money for charity.b) money from tourism going to local people.c) travellers getting a good deal.

a) a fewb) noc) some oldd) many

a) Holidays from heavenb) Cheap adventure holidaysc) Fair-trade holidaysd) Great holiday deals

U najkraćem mogućem roku dobićete mejl od našeg centra sa brojem bodova i prema tome na kojem ste trenutno nivou znanja i, shodno tome, koji kurs vam preporučujemo.